Fell's Point Residents Association 2020 Harbor Ball 

Postponed. But Not Cancelled 

Dear Neighbors,

Yesterday our board of directors voted to postpone the 2020 Harbor Ball scheduled for Saturday, March 28 due to the unfolding threat of the global coronavirus pandemic.

The safety of our residents has always been and will be our top priority and our decision was based on just not the safety of those attending the ball, but also to protect the health of our community at large, especially those most vulnerable.

Any action that can slow the spread of this virus down and keep it from overtaxing our medical system is the right move.

Please keep this in mind: we only postponed the ball to a safer time. We did not cancel it.


If you already bought tickets, keep them. They will be honored.

If you want them refunded, the FPRA will honor that as well. Details on how will be in an e-mail to follow.

When this terrible virus has been brought to heel, and it will be, we will go ahead and schedule a 2020 Harbor


Ball to truly remember.


Fells Point Residents Board of Directors 

The Greenest Ball of all 

The Fell's Point Residents Association is proud to present the 2020 Harbor Ball! Proceeds will benefit the Greenway Expansion Project.


About this Event

The Fell’s Point Residents Association Invites you to a fun filled evening event with:

- Awesome Entertainment

- Heavy Hors d’oeuvres

- Open Premium Bar

- Huge Silent Auction


It’s a ball with a remarkable history behind it

The Harbor Ball isn’t just any ball. It dates back to the first one held back in 1967. That Harbor Ball was part of the community fund-raising fight that helped saved little Fell’s Point from the highway wrecking ball. It’s an event held deep in the heart and history of Fell’s Point.

The FPRA held our last ball in 2011. We’re excited for its rebirth. And it’s still a community fund raiser, this time to benefit the Greenway Expansion in our neighborhood. Working with Waterfront Partnership, new trees and flowers will be planted along the Fell’s Point boundaries.

And your ball participation will be a part of it.

About the Fell’s Point Residents Association . (FPRA)

The FPRA. was founded 37 years ago. It is a non profit 501 (c) 301 organization dedicated to the preservation and beautification of Fell’s point. So your ticket will be tax deductible as the law allows.

See you at the ball

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