Oct 7, 2020 Minutes

Wednesday, October 7 ZOOM

FPRA Members Meeting


0700-0705: Welcoming Remarks: (Peter) 41 members in attendance.  Treasurer’s report given.


0705-0720: Senator Ferguson: Gave update on pandemic issues and how it’s affecting education and resources in Baltimore City.  Challenging to give an economic forecast.   Encouraged all residents to vote on Nov 3 and recommended voting Yes to Qu #1 and #2.  Schools have lack of computer access- over 11,000 children without necessary digital materials.  Community asked about need for more public transportation.  To reach out directly to the Senator’s office, contact Tyler at: Tyler.McCurdy@mlis.state.md.us


0720-0725: 606 S. Ann St RFP: (Nikki Cooper-Moore, Theresa Stevens, Kate Edwards, The Department of Housing & Community development) There will be a community meeting in December giving the opportunity to present presentations, score proposals, and give feedback to the Housing office. RFP’s are scored by panelists with an announcement expected in early 2021.  Question asked if it could be a library again.  To follow up with Nikki directly, email: Nikki.cooper@baltimorecity.gov

Kuo Pao Dian presented an RFP for a public offering on the site.  He wants to reclaim the property as a community amenity or historic structure.  Some suggestions were:  micro-business incubator for start-ups, community center with gardens.


0725-0730: Fell's Point signage proposal: (Charlie Norton) Custom designed sign made to introduce visitors to Fell’s Point was described including the concept art and why certain photos were used.  One sign would be installed on Thames/Wolfe, the other on S. Thames by the parking lot near the Frederick Douglass museum.  Signs would be 3.5’ x 5’ and made of dibold with aluminum supports.  FPRA support to be voted on at subsequent meeting.  Please see design below minutes.


0730-0735: 601 S Broadway (Nate Prezl): The Super Linens location on Broadway may be repurposed as apartments plus retail space.  There will be no off-street parking and no more curb cuts. For more info, contact npretl83@gmail.com


0735-0745: Paris Bienert:  If voting in person, the usual locations aren’t open this year- there are fewer in person locations.  Encouraged voting by mail.  Be aware the ballot in the mailbox is a request form, not the actual ballot.  Closest drop-off locations are the SE Anchor Library or Dunbar HS. Contact for more information:  parisocbienert@gmail.com

0745-0800: Delegate Lierman: Answered questions about Al Fresco dining- she is in support of it lasting forever.  Also answered questions about Halloween and street closures- the closures are in place because illegally parked cars can’t be moved if the streets are opened some of the time. Brooke.Lierman@house.state.md.us

0800-0810: FPRA By-Laws Recommendations (Peter): Changes will include need for virtual meeting by Zoom, and amendment proposals for voting process, SOPs, and more.  Will be talking to legal council. Please see original ByLaws and recommended changes below.

0810-0815: Community Service Committee Update (Susan): Beans & Bread was a success.  Kidz Table PB&J drop-off at the Farmers Market through October.

0815-0820: Safety Committee Update (Sara & Theresa): Send any information on 911/311 calls or videos and pictures to safetycommittee@fpra.org Consider alternate 911 options for those that don’t want to involve the BPD.  Waterfront Partnership has a walk-home service.  Safety Committee is reaching out to other safety task forces to connect the groups together.  Guidance on Halloween will be sent to resident emails.

0820-0825: Al Fresco Road Closures (Darin M): Proposal has been sent to Zeke Cohen’s office from FPMS to make Thames one way.  The Major recommends road closures should remain.  There are proposals to remove plastic barriers.  If Thames is one way, businesses may suffer. 


0825-0830: Final Q&A, Closing Remarks:  Statements from residents included:  There are issues with the way the parklets look.  Federal Hill has different standards and restrictions than Fell’s Point and other areas.  There is continued lack of enforcement by BPD on traffic and noise violations.  Many would like to be involved in committees and don’t know the proper way to join.  A new FPRA Board will be voted on in December.