Sept 2, 2020 Minutes

Item #1, Installing VISIT BALTIMORE Sign/Sculpture in Fell’s Point

Majority of members voted= NO

(YES= 20, NO= 21, Blank/Abstain= 2)


Item #2, Installing STOP SIGN at Ann/Lancaster St Intersection

Majority of members voted= YES

(YES= 40, NO=2, Blank/Abstain= 1)

Wednesday, September 2, 2020​

7pm by Zoom


  • Announcements

    • FPRA Board Changes (Peter)-  David Johnson is no longer serving as President of the FPRA Board.  Peter Bodde will assume the position of President until the next Board election in December.  A subsequent meeting will be scheduled to answer questions about this change in Board membership.  Email to be included and receive an invite to that follow-on discussion

    • New virtual voting process (Jonathon)- Voting link was shared frequently through the Zoom chatbox.  Tally of all current members’ votes will occur with 24 hours of the conclusion of the meeting (8:30pm EST on Thursday, Sept 3)

    • Community Recycling on Sept 5 (Jonathon)- Wheelabrator will supply a recycling dumpster from 7am-1pm on Saturday at the corner of S. Bond and Thames, outside Bond Street Social.  FPRA will research having a bi-weekly recycling drop-off, based on the success of this first event.

  • Community Service Initiative Updates 

    • (Susan) Results of August School Supply Drive- Successful supply drive, thank you for the donations.

    • September Event- Beans and Bread- Beans and Bread is requesting casseroles and will supply recipes.  They also need a team of people to volunteer at this event.  A sign-up sheet for volunteers will be provided at the FPRA booth at Saturday’s Farmers Market and will soon be posted to the FPRA Website.

  • 1935 Aliceanna St project notice 

    • (Caroline Hecker, Elm Street Development, Demo has begun on this location.  The street has become very narrow as a result, and the sidewalk is wide.  Originally people had been moved to the North side of Aliceanna on the pedestrian path but that was changed.  Elm Street Development (Jim) will discuss with DOT what can be done about the narrow streets to avoid an accident.  Work should be complete in 1 year per the proposal.

  • Visit Baltimore Sign installment updates

    • (Al Hutchinson, Visit Baltimore) - The rebranding began before the pandemic hit. This is proposed as a static piece of art to place in the community.  Concern from the community that a local artist could have been commissioned.  An RFP was sent out and the best firm won the RFP.  Susan Singer, FPMS Marketing Committee, believes this will help businesses by drawing people to walk up broadway to see the sign. Bryce Turner thinks Fell’s Point needs an “urban edge”.  Other residents deemed the design inappropriate to place in a historic location.  VOTE included a contingency that a YES vote was to install the sign  by the Broadway Market.  A NO vote is against installation in Fell’s Point at this time.

  • Proposal for extended parklet hours

    • (DOT Steve Sharkey)- A few parklets have requested a 2am closure time, as opposed to the current 10pm closures.  Businesses are pushing for this change.  Darin M (FPMS/ Admiral’s Cup) proposed to amend the closure time to 11pm on weeknights and 12am/ midnight on weekends.  Some questions asked/ still open: 

      • Will the parklet times be amended once indoor dining is fully reopened?

      • Will this amendment be for establishments with food service only, or will outdoor beverage-only/bar service be approved?

      • Will outside patrons be able to use indoor restrooms until 12am/midnight?

Some residents expressed the outdoor partying tempered once the parklets were created.  Others disagreed and noted a dramatic difference in Fell’s Point this year including motorcycles, closures, shootings- mostly without enforcement.  Caroline St is still particularly disruptive and loud at night, regardless of parklets.  Jeff D is working with Josh on signage changes for parking during Al Fresco dining. 

RPP Zones will be enforced city-wide per DOT Sharkey.

(ACTION)  Darin M/ FPMS will generate and send a new draft letter to FPMS with an 11pm Parklet closure for upcoming VOTE on a later date.

  • Baltimore Development Corp small business assistance

    • (Luis Cardona) Assistance for local businesses, start-ups, residents on unemployment- The BDC has grants and loans to improve businesses.  They can provide a 1:1 match up to $1k to spruce up exterior of businesses through a Facade Grant.  BDC also can provide disaster relief.  Contact Luis directly for financial aid assistance at: 

  • Safety Committee Updates 

    • (David M) Proposal for stop sign at Lancaster/Ann St - Speed bumps had been previously proposed.  Concern that there isn’t a full stop at a busy pedestrian intersection and this is a matter of public safety.  It’s more enforceable with a stop sign.  DOT is not currently performing traffic studies.  They recommend against paddles, as they get knocked down.  Motion to vote on stop sign.

    • (Sara/Theresa) data on violations, parking, etc.Two new co-chairs of the safety committee were introduced, Sara Costello and Theresa Anderson.  They are working on pushing out a survey and gathering data.  There is a confirmed meeting with BPD they will attend and bring all data points.  All are to call 911/311 and send an email with information including videos or pictures to the Safety Committee email alias.


NEXT MEETING:  Weds, October 7, 2020 7pm by Zoom

Draft Agenda (so far):

  • Delegate Lierman to hold “Ask me Anything”

  • Senator Bill Ferguson to present on his voting record and plans

  • Proposal on 606 S Ann Street from Department of Housing and Community Development