Sept 9 FPRA Special Meeting to discuss change in board leadership

7:15pm at The Admiral’s Cup and by ZOOM

17 attendees


Peter Bodde opened the meeting.

  • Reminder that the FPRA board are all volunteers. In the past few weeks, the board has accomplished community service initiatives and is holding a membership drive.

  • The reason David Johnson, former FPRA President, was asked to step down was due to his contact with city officials- stating views were reflected on behalf of the FPRA, when they were not.  He was asked to remain a board member, but declined.

  • Comments and feedback (names withheld):  

    • Didn’t like the way this happened.  Thinks David J did a good job and all members should have been able to make the decision on a leadership change, not just the board.

      • Response:  This decision falls within the purview of the board and is written in the bylaws.

    • Why not wait until a vote on new FPRA board members naturally occurs in December- why did this happen now?

    • What would have happened if the Board vote was split 3/3?

    • If there were problems, the entire membership would have liked to have heard it.

      • Response:  It would have been problematic to have a Zoom discussion for 60+ people with this sensitive topic, thus the invite was sent to those requesting to participate, as stated in the Sept 2 FPRA meeting and captured in the minutes, posted to the website.

    • Concerns with the process.  Looks like a power grab.  Why weren’t all members invited?

      • Response: Peter did not ask for this position, not a power grab.  Many people who requested further information were not current active members and wouldn’t have been included in the discussion, even some who joined the Sept 9 call.  The FPRA board didn’t want any negative statements about David J, the Board, or the residents to be broadcasted unnecessarily, thus the smaller group of those who had requested more information.

    • Did David J know the board was considering his removal?

      • Response: Peter and David J had frequent discussions about topics of concern, and their conversations are private, but he did not know that the board was going to ask him to step down in advance.

  • Take-aways:

    • FPRA would benefit from more engagement from the community and membership, including involvement beyond attending the monthly meetings.

    • Those who would like more input into decisions should consider running for the FPRA Board in December.  Those who disagree with the way this current board is running have the ability to vote for new board members in December, although last year, most positions ran unopposed.

    • There are upcoming positive community activities such as a shredder truck, second recycling dumpster, and police captain meeting about safety.